Beaver Creek Terrain and Grooming Report

Beaver Creek Resort - Ski & Snow Report, Trail Maps, Terrain Status, Grooming Report

Terrain and Grooming Reports provided by Beaver Creek Resort.

At Beaver Creek the Snowcat's groom twenty hours a day, seven days a week. Fifty-two operators work ten-hour shifts at 11,000ft. behind a turbo-charged diesel engine. The result, 776 groomed acres a day or a total of 106,000 acres per season of pure corduroy for you skiing pleasure.


Terrain Status


Grooming Report

Look for Guest Services employees handing out grooming reports and trail maps
daily throughout the village.

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  • Beginner 19%:

    Easiest runs, perfect for beginner skiers or snowboarders and kids. Generally wide and groomed with a moderate slope gradient. Typically used for instruction.

  • Intermediate 43%:

    More difficult pitch. Perfect for Intermediate skiers. Usually groomed, but steeper gradients than Green runs.

  • Expert/Advanced 38%:

    Most Difficult. Considered among the most difficult terrain on the mountain. Suitable for advanced skiers or snowboarders. May or may not be groomed.

  • Extreme Terrain:

    Terrain inside the ski area boundary that contains cliffs with a minimum twenty-foot rise over a fifteen-foot run, and slopes with a minimum fifty-degree average pitch over a one hundred-foot run. This
    terrain is specifically signed with an EX designation and must meet the criteria set forth in the Colorado Skier Safety Act.